We’re always Open

We’re always Open

Open started over a decade ago with the idea of bringing people together to change the world. And we’re still Open today, offering award-winning services to help our clients make the world a better place.

Strategy & Planning

We’ll help you understand your audience, your offer, the market and how to deliver maximum impact.

  • Audience & market insight
  • Strategy development
  • Integrated campaign planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Data analysis & modelling

Creative & Content

We’ll bring your work and vision to life across channels in a way that drives engagement and response.

  • Brand response
  • TV, digital & print
  • Content collection & creation
  • Integrated campaign development
  • Product innovation

Supporter experience

Engaging with your organisation should feel easy, rewarding and personal. We can make that happen.

  • Frictionless payment
  • Supporter journeys
  • Targeting & personalisation
  • Channel integration
  • Data capture & consent

No matter what, we always spend your money where it will do you the most good. Even if that means telling you not to spend it.

Meet the team

An agency is only as good as its people, and we’re lucky to have some of the brightest, boldest and most passionate people on our team.

James  Briggs

James Briggs


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Tim  Longfoot

Tim Longfoot


Mark  Foster

Mark Foster

Chief Operating Officer

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Liz  Campbell-Black

Liz Campbell-Black

Client Services Director

Katie  Blore

Katie Blore

Head of Planning & Strategy

Jamie  Tierney

Jamie Tierney

Creative Director

More from Jamie
Emma  Jinks

Emma Jinks

Chief Financial Officer

Ali  Green

Ali Green

Head of Human Resources

Sarah  Lye

Sarah Lye

Account Director

Sam  Hibbard-Daniels

Sam Hibbard-Daniels

Account Director

More from Sam
Amanda  Froude Evans

Amanda Froude Evans

Account Director

Anna  Melton

Anna Melton

Senior Account Manager

Matt  Gamble

Matt Gamble

Senior Account Manager

Sarah  Osborne

Sarah Osborne

Senior Account Manager

Iona  Marchant

Iona Marchant

Account Manager

Laura  Lopez

Laura Lopez

Project Manager

Laura  Bushby

Laura Bushby

Project Manager

Amy  Hutchings

Amy Hutchings

Creative Strategy Director

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Alex  Srivastava

Alex Srivastava

Strategy Director

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Jack  Biss

Jack Biss

Digital Strategy Director

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Alex  Achkar

Alex Achkar

Senior Planner

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Noah  Lipschitz

Noah Lipschitz


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Richard  Young

Richard Young

Deputy Creative Director

Nayyar  Mughal

Nayyar Mughal

Associate Creative Director

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Emily  Lovett

Emily Lovett

Senior Art Director

Anna  Tozer

Anna Tozer

Senior Art Director

James  Dawe

James Dawe

Senior Art Director

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Nicki  Longfoot

Nicki Longfoot

Senior Copywriter

Lucy  Silver

Lucy Silver

Senior Copywriter

Gemma  Hanham

Gemma Hanham

Art Director

Joe  Slawinski

Joe Slawinski

Junior Copywriter

Ellie  Stafford

Ellie Stafford

Senior Resource & Traffic Manager

Tom  Harrison

Tom Harrison

Management Accountant

Candice  Joseph

Candice Joseph

Billing & Finance Assistant

Louise  Briggs

Louise Briggs

Finance Coordinator

Senel  Yildirimbora

Senel Yildirimbora

Office & Facilities Assistant

Current openings

Are you our new Digital Strategist?

Open’s digital offering is growing! We’re looking for a digital strategist, or marketer with experience driving response in digital channels, to help develop world class digital led campaigns, strategies and creative for our charity clients. Read more

Closing date: 9 February 2022
Freelancers wanted

We’re always on the look out for fantastic freelancers to support our creative studio, plannning team and client services. If you're interested in working with us, please send in your CV, your portfolio (if applicable) and details of your availability so we can contact you about upcoming projects.