Unlock your full potential

Unlock your full potential

Plan to Grow

Is your charity struggling to recruit new donors? Do you rely heavily on one channel for acquisition? Are your costs rising faster than your income? You are not alone.

As fundraisers, we are living in tough times. The increased need for income and the growing difficulty of generating it are a challenging combination.

But we have a solution.

Built on years of experience in analysing and developing fundraising programmes, Plan to Grow is our four-stage process that will recruit more donors and grow your giving.

By providing clarity on your current programme, identifying new opportunities, and delivering a clear, actionable plan for growth, Plan to Grow is your key to unlocking potential in your individual giving programme.

Module spaces are limited so get in touch today to secure yours.

Learn more about the modules:

Module 1: Discover

We collect basic KPIs for all your current activity in a simple proforma. We’ll validate these results and then compare them to market data from our benchmarks study to see how you’re performing.

You receive a detailed report benchmarking your activity in every area of your fundraising – highlighting areas of over-and under-performance.

Module 2: Optimise

Now that we have clarity on your programme, we’ll work with you to understand what’s driving that performance. We’ll look at your products, channels, offers and creative to see what’s working, what can be improved and what can scale. We’ll then make some practical recommendations for improving your current programme and recruiting more donors within it.

You’ll receive a contextualised analysis of your results and your programme that includes recommendations for optimisation, areas for improvement and where you perhaps should disinvest.

Module 3: Diversify

Having examined your current programme, we’ll broaden our scope to what you’re not currently doing that could deliver growth. We’ll look at your audiences now and in the future, your organisational enablers and blockers, your offers and the broader market landscape.

You'll receive a report that will enable future testing and learning by highlighting gaps, opportunities and ‘low hanging fruit’ for your audience, channels, and products.

Module 4: Implement

Having established the gaps and options available to you within your programme, we’ll develop a test plan to learn fast and establish the most scalable combinations of ‘who, why, what, how and where’.

You'll get a testing plan to drive growth that includes channels, audiences, tactics and timings. You’ll also get initial creative to help you launch.

Starting at just £1,900 (Plus VAT), you can focus on individual modules or complete all four to grow giving for your organisation.

Spaces are limited. Contact us today to secure yours.

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