Totes amazing

Totes amazing

Terrence Higgins Trust

Proud. Sexy. Safe.

Terrence Higgins Trust had a loyal core of supporters, but wanted to reach out to new audiences and a new generation.

We began to build an audience using a range of non-fundraising content that we believed would resonate with our potential supporters – focusing on the history of HIV and Aids and the response from both the government and the LGBTQ community.

THT valex Facebook

Likes and shares led us to our best prospects – and a very cool tote bag helped us seal the deal with the message Be Proud. Be Sexy. Be Safe. Thousands requested the gift, and a very significant chunk of them went on to be regular givers.

The campaign ran for two years, delivering a huge influx of new, engaged supporters to the organisation at a very competitive rate. And it put the Trust’s brand and message on show across Facebook and the UK.

Totes amazing
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