Let’s play!


Childhood Day

NSPCC’s strategy is to make all of us part of their mission to protect children. And to help achieve that goal, they decided to create a national flag day of fundraising, action and awareness.

NSPCC childhood day stickers

We identified play as the perfect central theme for the day, and developed the campaign strategy for 2021 as well as the visual identity and full suite of creative content. Recognising the wealth of benefits that play has for children and adults alike, Childhood Day repositions NSPCC – a charity known for its typically hard-hitting fundraising – in a more relatable light. It’s inclusive, approachable and fun.

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A key part of the project was ensuring a completely integrated approach, which meant collaborating with teams from every area of the business. Events, communities, individual giving, corporate fundraising, brand, press and PR all worked together to achieve some spectacular results.

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“From the moment Open pitched the ‘Play’ idea, their team pulled out all the stops to make Childhood Day a huge success.”

Patrick Weaver, Head of Fundraising: Community Supporters


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