Together for a hunger free future

Together for a hunger free future

We’re a competitive bunch at Open and we love winning pitches. But we were especially happy last week when the team at the Trussell Trust told us that they’d chosen us to be part of their mission to end the need for food banks.

That’s partly because the Trussell Trust is a bit of a favourite cause at Open’s annual Giveathon – we love what they do and we’ve been proud to support them financially over the years. And, of course, it’s an organisation that has responded magnificently to the current crisis.

But we’re mostly pleased – and excited – because the Trussell Trust has asked us to think and work differently. To move beyond simple ‘itch and scratch’ fundraising and develop a programme that will bring together millions of people to create a future where nobody needs to use a food bank.

They know that the easy path to revenue – especially at Christmas – would be to tell a sad story and present a box of food as a simple, affordable solution. But they’re not going to. Because distributing boxes of food isn’t the solution. It’s a tragic but necessary response to the fact that many thousands of families in the UK are going hungry.

Our task, therefore, is to build support for a better Britain. Where the safety net is more robust and where the route out of poverty is easier and more clearly marked. And where handouts are a thing of the past.

It won’t happen quickly. But we’re looking forward to seeing hundreds of local food banks close because everyone can afford their own food – and putting our new client out of business as soon as possible.

Watch this space…

James Briggs Founder
10 August 2020
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