A better way to do dialogue

A better way to do dialogue

Following the pandemic, dialogue fundraising is on a comeback to be one of the most reliable channels for delivering regular donors at scale. Over recent years we’ve been working with charities to develop, relaunch, and scale their face-to-face approach – and with great results. Here's how we do it...

Our formula is simple – we combine audience insight with engaging creative and frictionless tech that makes signing up easy and fun.

Over time, we’ve tested what happens when we give donors more choice and flexibility of when and how much they give – and we think we’re on to something. There might be a better way to do dialogue than just focusing on regular giving.

Watch the webinar or read on for our three-step process to better face-to-face fundraising in 2024.

Think long term

We believe that most people are good. But unfortunately, most people aren’t keen to stop for a fundraiser. Most people will try to avoid a conversation they know they’ll have to say no to. So why don’t we give people more ways to show their support?

Ask them to volunteer, petition their MP, give a one-off donation, or even take part in a virtual event. By giving people choices and asking them to take a smaller action, we turn every conversation into a good conversation. And fewer conversations will end in a ‘no’.

Once they’re on board, welcome them and thank them by sharing news, stories, and updates. We’re developing a model that introduces WhatsApp journeys into our campaigns too – a channel so familiar with supporters – to send voice notes, videos, petitions, stories, and links. Show them where their money is going and how they are making a difference.

Those who weren’t ready for a monthly gift, well they might just be now.

Here is an example developed before the pandemic of how a small action can lead to a bigger one. 

This bucket helps people in displacement camps safely and hygienically transport and store water, and by texting the word ‘water’ to give just two to five pounds, the donor can help. It’s quick, easy to understand, and highly tangible.

But the journey isn’t over.

Immediately after making their donation, they receive a thank you text and are taken on a journey that shows them why Oxfam exists and most importantly, hear the stories of the people they exist for. A few days later, they’re called and thanked again – and only then were they asked to sign up for a monthly donation through their bank or phone bill.

The results were huge. Fundraisers regularly achieved 10 times more donations in a shift – and 30% of these donors went on to make a monthly donation after their thank you call.

What choices are you giving your face-to-face fundraisers to inspire a ‘yes’?

Respect your creative

At Open we say, ‘invitation, not interruption’ and our dialogue fundraising campaigns are created to inspire and intrigue – but most importantly they are created to develop a meaningful experience with your organisation.

In our recent campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK, we launched a bold, eye-catching statement declaring that a cure can be found. We just need you, the passerby, to be part of it. Coupled with a word search puzzle to play into the ‘search’ and ‘find’ statement, this creates a moment of pause; enough to start a conversation about something that touches on many people’s lives.

What props, bold colours, or immersive games could you use to intrigue passersby to slow down and stop?

Make it easy to donate

In a world where so many people carry smartphones and are conscious of their data security, why are we asking donors to put their personal details into a stranger’s device?

Payment platforms provided by our sister agency, OMG, allow supporters to give with their own phone, giving the option to sign up or donate, and offering card or digital payment options for a frictionless experience. The ability to sign a campaign action or even send a message of support to your staff and the people you serve are also built in. We believe that choice is the key to winning trust and getting your relationship started the right way.

Over the past few years, we’ve been working with charities to combine the things we do best to kick-start a face-to-face fundraising revolution.

By developing creative that engages and involves audiences, providing technology that facilitates frictionless giving on a supporter’s own phone, and creating journeys that engage, we can inspire people to give and give again.

At a time of permacrisis, we’ve never needed the public as much as we do now and as we know, all great things start with a conversation – so let’s have more of them. Talk to us today about the new way to do dialogue fundraising.

Tim Longfoot Founder
18 April 2024
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