Walking for the wounded.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

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Last Thursday, everyone at Open left work on time for once to celebrate the year at our Christmas party, held nearby at the London Fields Brewery.


Given the location, a group of us decided to save on the cab fare and enjoyed a somewhat bracing 30-minute walk along the canal.


Sure, it was pitch black at times and yes, some speedy cyclists might well have deserved to end up in the less than fresh water – but two-by-two and not quite hand-in-hand, we all made it.


Of course, the amount of bravery required to dodge a few two-wheeled plonkers after dark is nothing compared to the courage shown every day by our wonderful servicemen and women – which is why many of us donated our cab fares to Walking with the Wounded.


They work to support wounded military personnel, helping them retrain, re-skill and find new careers. You can learn more about them and what they do here.


So not only did our pre-party jaunt prove to be a great start to a great night – it was made all the better by doing a little bit of good.


Merry Christmas everyone!



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