Pause for Celebration!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

We love the Pause product that we developed with Mind. And last night, the judges at the DMA awards gave us a Gold to tell us that they loved it too. As you can see, Liz (from Open) and Ed (from Mind) were there to live joyfully in the moment…

Pause is a wellbeing subscription box that is doing great things to diversify Mind’s product offer and it’s audience. Even better, it’s doing so at breakeven in year one and absolutely crushing it in terms of retention and thus longer term ROI.

It’s a lovely example of how audience insight, inspiration and a good dose of organisational bravery can reap rewards. And we’re very happy that the DMAs – which include the whole of the Direct Marketing industry not just charities – decided to award us a gong to recognise that.

Interestingly, the last DMA award we got was for Scope’s Mindful Monsters which is a similar product, albeit for a very different audience.

This sudden blossoming of charity subscriptions has led to a bit of cynicism in certain quarters and we’d be the first to admit that they don’t all work and just doing a ‘me too’ isn’t a great way to operate.

But when they’re based on solid planning and the audience is right, the results can be amazing.




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