My bank made me feel special

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true, so I’ll say it again – my bank made me feel special.


A few weeks ago, a big white envelope dropped through my door. This bit didn’t make me feel special – I assumed it was something boring like the Natwest magazine, or an update on some smallprint to do with my current account. But as soon as I got inside I was embarrassingly excited. For there, inside the envelope, was a very official looking ‘Personal Account Statement prepared for Richard Young’.


That’s what it said.


Now we work on projects all the time where we super-personalise things to make our donors feel special and important, but no-one’s ever done it to me. And guess what, it really works.


And it didn’t end there. Inside are 12-odd pages of personal data from the last year. Graphs and charts all about ME and MY money. When I spent the most (surprisingly, not December). Where I spent the most (unsurprisingly, Topman). When I’m richest and when I’m poorest. And it all looks alright. It’s not the most beautiful piece of design ever, but it’s in colour and it’s easy to read and understand.


And do you know what? I imagine in a year’s time I’m still going to be banking with Natwest, and looking forward to the arrival of my second personalised report.



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