Have Ideas, Will Travel

Friday, November 8th, 2019

It’s been quite a couple of weeks here at Open – or rather not here at Open. Because our ideas and our teams have been out an about in force.

First up, there was the launch of Unicef’s War on Disease at Waterloo which was a source of much pride in the studio and across the agency. It’s a killer campaign – the original idea for which (whatever you might have heard) was conceived, created and developed here at Open.

Since then, we’ve worked with Kite Factory and The Community to activate it across a bunch of channels and there were plenty of the team there on the day to see it take flight.

But no sooner has one great Open idea headed out into the world than several more need putting together. So a couple of days later, three separate teams were hard at work in three countries with their friends from three charities.

At home in Shoreditch was team WWF…

Across the Irish Sea in Dublin was team Concern…

And finally, all the way across the Atlantic in NYC was team World Animal Protection.

Aside from the raging flygskam, it’s been a blast…


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