The door to a better world is Open

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012



Have you got the talent needed to join a hand-picked team of creatives, project managers and analysts who are working hard to make the world a better place? If so, our door is open.


Open Fundraising is looking to hire: three Copywriters, one Designer, one Account Manager and two Account Executives.


If you can craft killer direct marketing copy, manage challenging direct marketing jobs in your sleep, or want to learn how to do the latter, please send your CV and a nice email to:






Now we are three…

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

It’s been three years since Tim and I first sat in his back bedroom dreaming of what might be. And to celebrate, we’re going to get everyone out of this long, crowded, narrow room with only one toilet and onto a long, crowded narrow boat with only one toilet. Hurrah!


It’s slightly terrifying to think that 25 people will set sail on the good ship Open this afternoon – so much so that I’m struggling to say anything funny or insightful about it. So I will confine myself to saying (on Tim’s and my behalf) the thing that needs saying most of all.


Thank you.


First of all, thank you to our clients who have worked with us to do all the cool stuff that nobody’s done before – not to mention a whole load of stuff that’s been done countless times before but still needs doing well.


Then we need to say thank you to our partners. To the wonderful people who make the calls, stop folk in the street, plan the media, build the sites, make the TV ads, do the clever brand stuff, run the shortcodes and all the other things that we can’t do and they do so well.


And finally, thank you to our talented, dedicated, tolerant, tenacious, clever, inspiring, friendly, wise and, let’s face it, extremely hard-working team – without whom we’d still be sitting in Tim’s back bedroom and dreaming of what might be…


Cheers everyone.