Rock up in Red

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Rock up in Red


Last week we all dressed up in red to help raise money for the BHF.


We also wanted to raise more money than the Good Agency. Because we’re competitive like that.


In a friendly way of course.


Anyway, we raised £374. So even if the Good Agency beat us, BHF are the real winners.


Which is how it should be.



Axe Grinding by Numbers

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


The clue is in the title. But I promise that there is a point to all this if you stick with me until the end…


Just before Christmas, someone rather uncharitably commented that our Shelter campaign was a ‘disaster area’ that continued the charity’s ‘pathetic’ advertising record.


As you can imagine, we all cried ourselves to sleep over that one. But thankfully, forty thousand responses, brilliant DD conversion and just shy of half a million quid given online have all gone some way towards salving our wounded pride. We’re also quite pleased with UNICEF’s Syria emergency campaign – which has now racked up thousands of responses.


So I think we can safely conclude that the oft-predicted demise of PSMS-driven display advertising has yet to occur.


In fact, it continues to go from strength to strength for one simple reason – people who don’t spend their whole days obsessing about charity ads really like responding to it.


They obviously like the fact that it’s easy and cheap. But what I think they like best is the way that this form of advertising drives out all the crap that gets in the way of feeling good about fighting something bad. There’s just no room for all the pointless abstraction, irrelevant complexity, brand box-ticking and whatnot that turns strong asks into another big serving of vanilla.


Rant over. Happy New Year everyone.