Open Fundraising


Year of the Tiger


There are more tigers kept as pets in the US than there are running free in their natural habitat. In fact, there are 3,200 of them left in the wild.

It’s a powerful argument for WWF’s anti-poaching and habitat protection work and we set out to harness it for an entire year – the year of the tiger.

We kicked off with a suitably ‘blood and guts’ mailing pack to supporters, which became the most successful appeal that the organisation has ever run. We took the proposition into the newspapers as part of The Big Give’s match funding programme – only to pull them after two days because they ran out of money.

Over the course of the year we kept on talking tigers. We took the campaign onto the streets and asked people to give premium SMS gifts there and then. We went back into the press – again with SMS. We mailed supporters repeatedly.

And did people get bored? Did they hell. They kept giving and they kept converting throughout the year. 150,000 of them signed a petition to take to the international Tiger Summit in Vladivostock. And we raised an absolute fortune to help WWF in its mission to double tiger numbers by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022.