The Bees Need You

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth wanted to diversify their pool of regular givers. To do that, we needed to reach a brand-new audience with a brand-new offer – something eye-catching, tangible and ‘itchy’ enough to elicit that all important first gift.

We kept it simple – there’s an essential, two-way relationship between bees and people, and we need your help to protect them. To make giving as frictionless as possible, we opted for a low £3 ask via PSMS and included the offer of a pack of wild flower seeds as a thank you for every gift.

The campaign launched on trains and in washrooms and, following impressive results, was rolled out into DRTV, F2F and digital. We recruited thousands of new regular givers. And a high average gift and retention rate showed we were appealing to a new, affluent audience who were committed to supporting Friends of the Earth.

It just goes to show – an offer or giveaway that’s authentic to the cause can be good for your regular giving programme, good for your donors and even good for the bees.