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Regular Giving


Direct Debit works for charities. But it’s not brilliant for donors. After all, this is a system designed to make payments we can’t avoid and don’t want to think about.

Direct Debits are hard to set up. They’re not controllable unless donors use the nuclear option of cancellation. And by their very nature, Direct Debits separate the communication channel from the payment channel. So giving money and seeing the results aren’t linked together.

Working with our technical partners, we decided to develop something to solve these problems. We set out to bring everything that donors want – ease, control and evidence – into their pockets.

The result is a system that allows donors to make and control a monthly gift direct from their mobile and get terrific feedback in return.

Along with our friends at Unicef, we persuaded Phonepay Plus – the UK mobile regulators – to grant us an exclusive licence to test the system. The results have been spectacular. Signup rates on the street were phenomenal and conversion of prospect data on the phone is generating an ROI that we daren’t publish.

Our donors, meanwhile, are enjoying monthly evidence of exactly what their money is helping to achieve.