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Elephant Parade

Elephant Family

The Elephant Family are old friends – so we were almost as excited as them when they told us about Elephant Parade 2010. But before the event, there was work to be done. The charity’s brand was in dire need of a refresh. And they wanted to know how we could turn a public art event into a way to secure new donors.

The inspiration for the new identity came from the work itself – creating ‘corridors’ to allow elephants to move between habitats safely. All we needed to do was to dramatise that in the logo.

On the streets, SMS donations once again provided a brilliant way to capture the money and the contact details of potential supporters.

In two glorious months the 260 elephants generated up over 500 press articles, 10 hours of TV and radio and reached an audience of 25 million people. An astonishing £4.1m was raised at the auction – double the target! And plenty of new supporters joined the family and its mission to protect the Asian Elephant.