One in a million

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015


A million older people will spend Christmas alone.


Yes, you read that right – a million. A one and six zeros. It’s a shocking number and one that stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it.


When Age UK briefed us with a Christmas TV advert for their brilliant ‘No one should have no one’ campaign, we knew our response had to hinge around this one enormous number.


With the help of production agency Middlechild, we made an ad which tells the story of an older lady facing Christmas alone, before stating that she is just one among a million.


And then, through Age UK’s brand media agency Manning Gottlieb, our ad was shown to June and Leon, stars of Channel 4’s Gogglebox. The pair created a special ‘advert within an advert’ where they watched and discussed our ad, to raise even more money for Age UK. And what touched them most?


You guessed it… that number.






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