Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Unfortunately this isn’t the obligatory, ‘We’re closed for Christmas’ blog post. You’ll have to wait two more days for that.

However, this is much more exciting! As yesterday’s slightly weird blog post alluded to, our clients (hopefully some of whom are reading this right now!) have been/are/will be receiving their Open Christmas presents very soon!

Not to give the game away to anyone who hasn’t had theirs yet, but our card/present/frame combo is all about heroes and the people who inspire us.

The reason there might be quite a lot of activity on here however, is because there’s £500 up for grabs (for the charity of your choice – doesn’t have to be your own!) to whoever can guess the names of Open’s heroes. There’s 15 to guess inside your Christmas cards. You can submit your answers here and we’ll let you know the winners and all the answers in the new year!

Happy guessing!


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