Impossible Required

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Open is looking for a Strategy Director – which means Open is facing one hell of a recruitment challenge.

Although this is a dream job for someone who wants to convert their talent, experience and intellect into positive change, it’s also a position that calls for quite a skill set.

We need someone to lead and inspire our growing team of planners and analysts as they work with the UK’s largest charities. We need someone to sit on the board and help us drive our new strategy at home and internationally. We need someone who understands the charity world but has the experience and the skills to move outside it. And we need someone who can help Open provide thought-leadership to the sector as a whole.

It’s lot to ask of one person. But we know that, somewhere out there, there’s a special someone just for us.

So please, if know that person or you are that person, please have a look at the job description and then email – or get in touch with anyone here who you know.

There’s a £2,000 bounty on offer for you to do with as you choose. So please, have a think.


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