Embrace the Hassle

Friday, September 19th, 2008

A very brilliant man once told me to ’embrace the hassle factor’ if you want to achieve anything. That no one will want to change anything, let alone the world, if you haven’t put the work in.

He was talking about finding the right story and asking the right questions. Don’t expect people to support your work, give to your appeal, fall in love with your cause if you present them with a mediocre, unsympathetic case for support.
But we all know how hard it is to get that story. I was researching for an Appeal for the YMCA. I wanted to go and visit my local YMCA hostel: I knew the day centre served a relatively middle-class catchment, but heck it was easy to get home from.
Instead he sent me on a week-long tour criss-crossing the UK visiting hostel after hostel. I met some incredible young people who told me their stories of survival, of abuse and the grim reality of poverty. It was their stories that shaped the determined mind of a young fundraiser.
Today I’m about to embark on another journey. With more determination and conviction than ever. Thank you brilliant man for teaching me about hassle.


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