A day in the life of… Sarah Lye!

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

We’re on the hunt for talented people with a passion for changing the world to join the Client Services team here at Open. But we’re often asked… “What does a day in the life of somebody in Client Services actually look like?”

So we asked Junior Account Director Sarah Lye to tell us a little bit about what she gets up to in an average day.

  • 9 AM – First things first, coffee! Open has an endless supply of caffeine, so I’ll make a pot or jump on someone else’s. I’ll settle in to check emails and scan my diary, to see what deadlines and meetings our team have for the day.
  • 10 AM – Another coffee (don’t judge). Then, I’ll check in with my project teams and hold a briefing, planning surgery, scoping session or WIP. On the way back to my desk, I’ll make time to pet Arlo (Open’s resident doggo – he’s heaven!)
  • 1 PM – Lunchtime! Usually I’ll take a stroll along the canal with my team to pick up something tasty from Angel. But if time’s short, I’ll at least squeeze in a trip to Co-Op.
  • 2 PM – After lunch, it’s usually client meetings, calls or check-ins. Often I’ll schedule in a team meeting to discuss our priorities for the week. Then more client meetings, calls and catch-ups before…
  • 3 PM – I’ll dig into the free fruit and snacks that Open has to offer. Usually peanut butter on something/anything. Most importantly, I’ll make time to help water our team plants (we’ve got a semi-permanent jungle going on at the moment).
  • 5 PM – Before the end of the day I’ll send out any work that’s due, and double check the schedule to make sure everything’s ticked off. Tick! 
  • 6 PM – See who’s free for a drink on the pontoon. Honestly, it’s the absolute best in the summer!

Are you looking for a new challenge AND a way to do good? (Not to mention an office doggo!)

Head over to the Working at Open page and apply today!

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