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We’re looking for a new intelligent and enthusiastic Junior Copywriter to join our Studio team.


We need someone who is eager to learn, is capable of picking up existing projects, taking direction and delivering engaging, emotive copy.


You will have examples of well-written, effective work, demonstrating your ability to take projects from conception through to completion. You’ll be full of ideas and capable of working successfully with art directors, designers and other copywriters – sometimes under the tightest of time constraints.


We’re looking for someone who can hit the ground running, who can grow and develop and become a valuable team member. Some experience of working in an agency and an interest in fundraising is required.


Salary dependent on experience. Email CVs with a short covering letter detailing why you’d be right for Open, along with three examples of relevant work to with ‘Junior Copywriter’ in the subject header.


We look forward to hearing from you!




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We take our work seriously here at Open, but when we’re not busy trying to make the world a better place, we’re engaged in a right old gallimaufry of creative endeavours. Writing, drawing, painting, crochet – to name but a few. We also have some very talented musicians lurking in our midst.


Our brilliant and bearded Creative Director, Matt, has recorded an album of songs he has written and recorded himself (with a band, in a recording studio and EVERYTHING) and it’s extraordinary – in the best sense of that word. He’s supporting the release of the album, What’s Left, and the first single, Lidl Briton, with some great behind-the-scenes material from the recording, and we’ve all been doing our bit helping to spread the word.


And Matt’s not just talented, he’s good, too. He’s donating the proceeds of the downloading/streaming of Lidl Briton to Barnardo’s, to support their work with young carers. He has more charitable plans, coming soon.


To say that we’re proud of him is an understatement.


Please watch, read (Crutch Records on Facebook and and share. Great music, and a great cause.





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A couple of weeks ago, my flat mates and I decided to participate in Pretty Muddy – the 5K obstacle course in aid of Cancer Research UK. Not a huge feat to many, but considering we spend most evenings watching Ex on the Beach on the sofa this was going to be a challenge.


Before the event we posted a few photos of our ‘training’ on social media, asking for donations through Just Giving. A couple of gifts came in (which we were really grateful for) totalling just over £100. Considering we’d only had a few weeks to raise the cash we thought we’d done pretty well.


On the day, a friend had the bright idea to film us as we jumped in and out of mud patches, so we could take a look back at the experience and see the embarrassment we’d caused ourselves. After looking through the footage and having a few laughs at our red, sweaty faces, I decided to edit it down so we could share it as a thank you with those who’d supported us.


Once the video had been posted on Facebook something rather unexpected happened: our inboxes started to fill up – likes, shares and donations started to flood in. The footage of our run had caught the attention of those who’d scrolled by our original posts and spurred them to donate.


The content was far more engaging as a moving image, allowing viewers to run with us and experience our pain, embarrassment and giggles – I just don’t think you can show that in a selfie.


We managed to raise just over £800, which none of us could have ever predicted, and which made all the mud and sweat worthwhile.


I’m now really excited about all the videos we’re working on here at Open – getting to show people what we’re really about and what we get up to. Hopefully they’ll prove to be as much fun and as responsive as my muddy one…


So… roll camera!  📽