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Open’s mission is to bring people together to change the world. So when our friends at Apple asked us to help them introduce Apple Pay to UK charities, it wasn’t a difficult decision. Nor, to be fair, was it a difficult process.


We emailed our friends, acquaintances and some people we wished we knew better from a bunch of amazing organisations. Then, once we had them all in a room together, Tim did a little speech and the folks from Apple blew everyone’s socks off with the possibilities.


And today, just in time for Comic Relief and, we hope, some big appeals for South Sudan, Apple Pay opened its platform for UK charities.


We’re happy to have helped. And we’re even more excited about what we’ll be able to do now that a whole lot of friction just got removed from a whole bunch of donors…


Watch this space…




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This February, Valentine’s Day got everyone at Open in the mood…


Not like that, you cheeky blog reader, you.


In the mood for raising some cash for charity, of course!


Keen to keep in the spirit of the season, we capitalised on our co-workers’ relationship failures with an exciting game we creatively titled ‘Guess the Ex 2017’.


Think ‘Guess the Baby Photo’ but with more crushed hopes and dreams. And sorry everyone, but definitely not as cute.


Our winning guesser, who should probably get a job at or something, matched over half the couples correctly, and nominated Refuge as their charity of choice.


As fundraisers go, it sort of went off like the perfect relationship – bit of fun, we learnt something about each other and crucially, no one got hurt.


Hopefully we all encounter enough heartbreak in 2017 to do it all again next year…


Yours forever swiping right,



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‘Post Truth’ was revealed with much fanfare as the Word of 2016 – and now, in the early days of 2017, it’s hard not to escape a possible contender for this year’s prize: Fake News. Both are symptoms of the same issue: people are now deeply uncertain about what’s true, and what’s not. 


The Trust Barometer from Edelman says trust in charities ‘to do what is right’ fell from 50 per cent to 32 per cent between November 2015 and January 7 this year. That is a truly sad statistic. While this is only one study, there appears to be falling public trust in institutions worldwide that can’t be ignored. 


For charities, holding onto this precarious trust with donors could not be more crucial. The public must believe that the appeals being shown to them are real. 


Here at Open, telling stories truthfully is a huge part of what we do. In the marketing world, the temptation is always to push the boundaries, to say this is even better, or that the alternative is ten times worse. But we are not ever tempted to stray into the realms of fiction. The quotes we use are always real, the images are never photoshopped, and the information is never embellished or exaggerated. 


As our results show time and time again, telling beneficiaries’ stories as directly as possible and showing real images moves people to join in and help. These stories are so powerful and emotionally stirring that all we need to do is stand aside and let them speak for themselves. Here’s to doing more of this in 2017.