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I just checked and I wrote the birthday blog post last year and if I’m honest I’m struggling to find words that better sum up how we feel today. So I won’t make this a long one.


First up, we’d like to thank all of our amazing clients for giving us the incredible opportunity to work with them and help make the world a better place.


And a huge thank you to the whole team at Open, a more fun, hard working, smart, funny group of people would be hard to find.


To celebrate, we’re going to spend the afternoon learning to play steel drums. Yes, all sixty of us. If you see video posted on social media later you’ll want to make sure the sound’s off…


Paul de Gregorio

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Who at your organisation remembers the first cheque you received from a donor? How about the first Direct Debit run?


Do you remember the first time you took a donation online? Your first PSMS campaign?


Today’s a big day. From today, charities in the UK can register to take donations in Facebook* with Facebook Donate.


We’ve been waiting for this day since we used Facebook Donate to raise money for the ACLU on Stand for Rights back in March.


We’re excited, and you should be too.


At the beginning of 2017, it was estimated that 78% of the UK’s 32 million Facebook accounts were being accessed daily.


That’s a huge audience, who very soon will be able to make donations with the tap of the finger.


How are you going to make sure you stand out in the crowd of charities? We’ve got some ideas… get in touch!




* Get registered for the Facebook Donate button here:


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On Monday Mark and Sinead are speaking at the IoF’s Transporting Your Supporter Journey Conference.


Check out Mark’s blog here about why GDPR isn’t all doom and gloom.