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Have you ever wanted to work where the best* ideas begin?


Do you feel strong urges to do things right, using insight?


Do you take pleasure using the written word to express ideas in inspiring ways?


Then this might be the job for you. Open is recruiting another Planner.


The right candidate will have excellent writing skills, love a good spreadsheet and be able to bring clarity to the complex.


If you like the sound of the above, click here to download the job description. Then send a covering letter explaining your awesome skills along with your CV here.


Closing date: Friday 22nd July 2016.




* at least some of them


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With Glastonbury over and the aftermath of Brexit sinking in, despite the lack of direction, it feels like time to draw some solace from a conscious focus on positivity.


In 2016, when charities are under a huge amount of scrutiny, Glastonbury provides an amazing opportunity to connect with people. When the festival first turned a profit in 1981 they donated £20,000 to CND. And that ethos remains true today, as the festival continues to provide a platform for charities to engage with people creatively.


It’s a time when people are lifted from their usual circumstances and supplanted to a muddy quagmire, with time to reflect on what matters. While waiting in line for the delights that are the festival toilets, it’s a great moment for WaterAid to raise awareness that not everyone has even this kind of access to basic facilities.


This year WaterAid presented a toilet with a glass door. From the outside the door looks like a mirror, but when you’re inside it you look out on to the festival and feel totally exposed. It’s a simple but clever way to convey the experience of not having a safe or private toilet.


For the likes of Greenpeace, it’s a chance to make characteristically bold statements to engage people. This year a giddying drop slide was attached to their 15 metre tall “no planet B rocket”, creating a spectacle to raise awareness of our environment’s fragility.


These charitable links are in the very fabric of the festival – from the Oxfam stewards to the long standing support for CND – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.




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Jo Cox


Today, at Open, we come to work with heavy hearts. Jo Cox shared so many of our values. She dedicated her life to creating change through her tireless work at charities and the Labour party. She will forever be an inspiration.


As a country we’re in shock – teetering as life is momentarily paused, more unsure than ever of our future.


During our moments of reflection my hope is that we can all find a way to carry Jo’s legacy forward. That could be as fundraisers, campaigners or in our politics. But also in our day-to-day exchanges with friends, family, colleagues and strangers.


Let game-playing, squabbles and pettiness take a back seat to realise the opportunities that exist to help those who need it.