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We’re looking for brilliant people to work with us. Finding them isn’t easy. But it could be worse. At least I don’t work for the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

You have to pity the poor writer whose job it is to persuade graduates that making nuclear weapons is a good career move. And you have to grudgingly admire whoever responded to that brief with the proposition that a job at the Atomic Weapons Establishment is one ‘For Inquisitive Minds’.

However, when you look at the questions that supposedly exemplify this vital mental attitude, you have to worry. Take, for example, the oh-so-probing query bottom left – ‘What Goes on at the Atomic Weapons Establishment?’

Hmmmm. Is it something to do with cakes? Lifesaving drugs? Bicycle repairs? Oh hang on. Is it about enhancing the effectiveness of weapons designed to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

The clue, as they say, is in the name. A name which, you can’t help noticing, is admirably explicit. And acronyms very neatly into AWE. An emotion which might precede fear (and, obviously, violent death) for a nanosecond if you’re ever on the receiving end of their handiwork.

But all this is knocked/blown into a cocked hat by the world-class irony of that little logo at the bottom.

AWE is apparently an Investor in People.

Anyway, if you fancy a career for enquiring minds that doesn’t involve upgrading the Kiddy-cinerator 5000 then please send us your CV. We’d really love to hear from you.


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On the day that we declared our new business officially open, the UK officially went into recession. Timing, as they say, is everything.

The Daily Mail is prophesying doom. Rumours of slashed budgets are everywhere. And the air is thick with pleas from fundraising consultants NOT to cut back on fundraising spend.

No surprises so far.

What’s lacking is information on what’s actually happening. Which is why Fundraising Recession Watch – set up by Sean Triner – is getting several thousand hits a week. He’s trying to draw together data instead of listening to rumours.

Anyway, while we wait for the numbers to tell the story, we thought we’d pop out onto the street and ask people if they had changed their giving habits as a result of the recession.

This is what they said…