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We all know that good ideas can come from anywhere. But so often the ideas that really take hold and capture the imagination are those created by the public themselves (see Ice Bucket Challenge and No Make-up Selfie). Those created through a genuine desire to do something or change something, based on nothing more than personal experience.


That brings me to Mac McDermott who, two months ago, decided to raise £1,000 for Alzheimer’s Society. You can read his story in more detail here, but essentially he was struggling to cope with his father’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease, so called the Alzheimer’s Society Helpline for support. They were great, and he wanted to say thank you by raising some money.


But for Mac and his dad there wasn’t a bake sale or sponsored race in sight.


You see, Mac’s dad used to be a Butlin’s Red Coat. And he sang in a few clubs in his younger years too. And when he sings, his Alzheimer’s is less bad, he’s less violent and Mac gets to see the dad he used to know a little bit more. So taking his queue from the ever popular Carpool Karaoke, Mac has taken to driving his dad around, letting him belt out all of his old favourites to be shared online, to help him reach his £1,000 target.


And Mac’s dad isn’t half bad at singing. The internet is loving it, and his original target, as I write this, has been smashed thousands of times over.


A simple idea. Engaging content. A powerful story. That’s what I call fundraising.






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Everyone imagines that being a creative is awesome. But, far from brainstorming zany ideas while playing table tennis, the reality is that we spend a large chunk of our time being told what we’ve done wrong and what we could do better.


That’s why, when one wonderful client started typing compliments into the margins of our work to tell us what we’re doing right, it came as something of a surprise. So much so, in fact, that our designers turned his comments into a series of inspirational posters…


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Step forward, lovely Jim from Concern – who, coincidentally, are enjoying a year of stellar results in fundraising.










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Do you know someone who’s unusually organised? Are they also good at persuading people to do stuff? Do they have a quietly saintly air? Are they currently unemployed or looking for a new job?


Let’s hope so. Because Tim and I need a PA to help us run the business and still have time to do some great fundraising. And we’re willing to pay £500 cash to whoever introduces us to that special person – even if it’s yourself.


We need a Planner & some Senior Account Managers too – and we’ll pay the same bounty.


For more details, get your friends to send an email mentioning you and we’ll send them a Job Description.




PS Normal blog service of intermittent non-job posts will resume shortly.