Nudge nudge

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


If you’ve read Nudge or Tipping Point (or any other popular ‘behaviourial economics’ books) you’ll have seen countless examples of how very simple changes in environment or context can have a tremendous impact on influencing decision making.


And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have tried to figure out how you can apply them to your fundraising.


Recent research from Remember a Charity, Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team and Co-operative Legal Services seems to have come up with a ‘nudge’ to devastating effect.


It goes likes this… apparently half of us have ‘thought’ about putting a charity in our Will, yet only 7% of us do.


The research showed  that when we’re reminded by a solicitor or Will writer that we can leave a gift in our Will, this figure rises to 10%.


And when asked if there is a charity we’re passionate about, the number of us leaving a gift rises to 15%… and in legacy terms that kind of increase is a massive pile of money.


Now, we just have to figure out what the ‘nudge’ is for the legal profession to ask everyone and we’ve split the fundraising atom.


For more information visit Remember a Charity.


UPDATE: The Chair of Remember a Charity, Alex McDowell (@alexpgmcdowell),  has very kindly given me the full report for download. Click HERE to get it.



Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3

Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Here are a few of the reasons I enjoyed the IOF Legacy Fundraising Conference on Monday.


1. A great idea for a propensity model


David Dipple suggested that we should be developing propensity models that not only determine who you should target, but with what message.


The idea being we’re more likely to respond to the themes that initially attracted us to the charity.


Following our recent success with a propensity model for Shelter I can’t wait to have another crack at doing it even better!


2. Evidence that Free Will Services can make you millions


Jack Visser and Pauline Mayer gave a refreshingly long-term view of Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service (all the way back to 1992!). As you might expect, the numbers are massive… 91,000 pledges with a value of £426m (£70m of which as already come in) from spend of £20m.


I’d be interested to know how much scale factored in this and what the entry level spend would need to be for organisations with smaller budgets.


3. Respect from the Master


Richard Radcliffe talked about how it’s important that your legacy materials stand out from other things your charity is sending donors. It was nice to see one of his favorites was the “Be Remembered” Legacy brochure we developed for Action for Children last year.


What were your highlights?


And if you weren’t there, the IOF have kindly put the presentations here.