A day in the life of… Sarah Lye!

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

We’re on the hunt for talented people with a passion for changing the world to join the Client Services team here at Open. But we’re often asked… “What does a day in the life of somebody in Client Services actually look like?”

So we asked Junior Account Director Sarah Lye to tell us a little bit about what she gets up to in an average day.

  • 9 AM – First things first, coffee! Open has an endless supply of caffeine, so I’ll make a pot or jump on someone else’s. I’ll settle in to check emails and scan my diary, to see what deadlines and meetings our team have for the day.
  • 10 AM – Another coffee (don’t judge). Then, I’ll check in with my project teams and hold a briefing, planning surgery, scoping session or WIP. On the way back to my desk, I’ll make time to pet Arlo (Open’s resident doggo – he’s heaven!)
  • 1 PM – Lunchtime! Usually I’ll take a stroll along the canal with my team to pick up something tasty from Angel. But if time’s short, I’ll at least squeeze in a trip to Co-Op.
  • 2 PM – After lunch, it’s usually client meetings, calls or check-ins. Often I’ll schedule in a team meeting to discuss our priorities for the week. Then more client meetings, calls and catch-ups before…
  • 3 PM – I’ll dig into the free fruit and snacks that Open has to offer. Usually peanut butter on something/anything. Most importantly, I’ll make time to help water our team plants (we’ve got a semi-permanent jungle going on at the moment).
  • 5 PM – Before the end of the day I’ll send out any work that’s due, and double check the schedule to make sure everything’s ticked off. Tick! 
  • 6 PM – See who’s free for a drink on the pontoon. Honestly, it’s the absolute best in the summer!

Are you looking for a new challenge AND a way to do good? (Not to mention an office doggo!)

Head over to the Working at Open page and apply today!

My week copywriting at Open

Monday, July 2nd, 2018
Kirsty Marrins' week of copywriting experience at Open.

For a while, I’d been contemplating doing some work experience in copywriting. But not just any copywriting, because I write copy all the time. I wanted to write as a charity.

I bet you’re thinking I should have just volunteered my time at a charity and helped them write emails, social media copy, website copy – the list goes on. But what I really wanted was critical feedback, and I knew a charity was unlikely to give that to me.

So, I called upon an old friend Paul.

I’ve been a huge admirer of Open for years. They’ve worked on some amazing campaigns, many of which I’ve covered in sector press. I knew that I would gain so much experience, if they were willing to offer it to me. But would they say ‘yes’?

I was nervous.

By contacting Paul, I was putting myself out there. Even though I’ve known Paul for years, I honestly wasn’t sure if he would say ‘yes’ – but I had to take the chance. I explained that I was looking to do work experience and that there were two things I was looking to get out of it: experience of copywriting as a charity and to experience what it’s like to work for an agency. Paul spoke with the creative team and thankfully they said ‘yes’.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I arrived at Open on a Monday morning in June, eager and willing to learn although also slightly terrified. What if it turned out that I’m not a good writer? What if my ideas were boring or cliché? Would I fit in?

Mid-weight copywriter Alfie took me under his wing and I instantly felt at ease because he was so lovely and likeable and clearly passionate about what he does. Over the week, I worked alongside Alfie, James, Anna, Liz and others on a couple of charity campaigns. I got to write some emails for a client, brainstorm for a pitch and write some concepts for a DM campaign.

In that time, I also got walked through the process from brief to final product and sat through a presentation with the British Heart Foundation to celebrate the launch of their Champions campaign. There was lots of cheering, clapping and beers afterwards – it was clear that when you work with Open, they become part of your team.

With the explicit understanding that everything was confidential, Open allowed me to look at past campaigns – from inception through to delivery. I really got a flavour of agency life. And I rather liked it.

Throughout the week, Alfie gave me helpful, constructive feedback on my copywriting. And it was a relief to know that I am a good writer. According to Alfie, I’m ‘a natural’. PHEW. Take that, Impostor Syndrome!

If that weren’t enough, my week was made even more enjoyable with the daily walk along the canal to the office, the lovely weather (bar Tuesday, which was freakishly cold), having Arlo the dog in the office on Wednesday and spotting the HotTug – a floating hot tub (yes really), pizza with Paul and salad with Sarah (which are non-intended alliterations…)

I’d just like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Open for offering me the opportunity to come in and absorb, learn and reflect. I loved every minute of my week with you.

Kirsty Marrins

Impossible Required

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Open is looking for a Strategy Director – which means Open is facing one hell of a recruitment challenge.

Although this is a dream job for someone who wants to convert their talent, experience and intellect into positive change, it’s also a position that calls for quite a skill set.

We need someone to lead and inspire our growing team of planners and analysts as they work with the UK’s largest charities. We need someone to sit on the board and help us drive our new strategy at home and internationally. We need someone who understands the charity world but has the experience and the skills to move outside it. And we need someone who can help Open provide thought-leadership to the sector as a whole.

It’s lot to ask of one person. But we know that, somewhere out there, there’s a special someone just for us.

So please, if know that person or you are that person, please have a look at the job description and then email jobs@opencreates.com – or get in touch with anyone here who you know.

There’s a £2,000 bounty on offer for you to do with as you choose. So please, have a think.