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These days, it seems that GDPR is being talked about almost as much as the weather. And you know how much we all like talking about the weather!


Whether you’ve worked out your position on Legitimate Interest or have furrowed brows from carrying out the balancing exercise, discussed your stance on consent till the cows come home or figured out your privacy policy, there is no doubt that time is running out. If you haven’t already begun your campaign to obtain GDPR compliant consent, then fasten your seatbelts: you are in for one fast ride.


At Open we’re doing some great work with the likes of Unicef, Christian Aid and Amnesty International UK – to name but a few – to model the impact of GDPR on the supporter file, and establish both risk areas and, crucially, priorities. We’re working with our clients to build a pursuit file, develop a marketing plan and devise creative propositions to ensure that, at the end of all of this, they have everything they need to complete their consent campaign. We are helping to create a future in which the supporter’s best interest is at the heart of all communications, and the right to be forgotten is honoured. We want your supporters to be left with a warm feeling and a desire to stay in touch – and we are helping to create these moments all in the name of GDPR.


So if you feel that the time has come for less talk and more action, then get in touch. We might just be able to help you. (Chats about the weather also welcome.)



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It’s not often that we get the time to sit down, reflect on a project and really celebrate a job well done. Which is why last night at the DMA Awards felt very special indeed!


Along with Scope, MediaLab and Good Innovation, we took to our seats to see how our very own Mindful Monsters had fared in five different categories.


And we were absolutely over the moon to watch our baby take home FOUR awards:


Best Creative Solution (Gold)

Health & Wellness (Gold)

Best Launch Campaign (Gold)

Charity (Silver)




Needless to say, there are a few sore heads at Monster HQ this morning. But there are also a few teary eyes because this was a real team effort – start to finish – and everyone worked their socks off to make Mindful Monsters a success.


So thank you to the DMAs, thank you to the wonderful Scope, thank you to our brilliant partners, and thank you to every single member of team Monsters!


Alfie x


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Yesterday was World AIDS Day – a day where people all over the world wear a red ribbon with pride.


At Open we joined with Terrence Higgins Trust to #SeeRed.


Over the last few months we’ve worked with Terrence Higgins Trust, from engaging new supporters, recruiting fundraisers to hold an event for World AIDS Day, to recruiting a new tribe of regular givers through their red ribbon. Our secret weapon – Facebook!


I’ve been so moved by the incredible stories that people have freely shared on the Terrence Higgins Trust Facebook campaigns that we’ve been running. There have been wonderful stories of remembrance, through to how Terrence Higgins Trust has supported a loved one with a HIV diagnosis. Of all the campaigns I’ve ever worked on, I’ve never seen such an engaged community who are so committed to a cause.


For the thousands of people affected by HIV and AIDS, the fight is about so much more than a day, or a red ribbon. I can’t wait to carry on the fight with Terrence Higgins Trust in 2018 to help move us closer to a world free from HIV and AIDS.


Together, let’s smash HIV stigma!




P.S. Want to hear more about what we’ve been up to? Ali and PDG will be talking all things digital at the IoF Digital Inspiration conference on Monday.