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This recent Danish PSA has an important message – it’s easy to put people in boxes but those boxes can’t tell us everything about the people in them.


And it’s true. For a long time, our sector has carved up audiences using factors like age, gender and income bracket. These boxes work in a crude way but, in this new digital age of fundraising, we have more freedom than ever to speak to groups of people who share specific interests and beliefs instead.


What I think this PSA proves is that the idea of ‘Dorothy Donor’ won’t be around for much longer. And that maybe the future will be more about what donors like, rather than what they look like.


I like the sound of that!



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We’ve had a busy few days here at Open.


Last Tuesday evening we got the call from the British Red Cross, telling us about the One Love Manchester benefit concert for those affected by the terrorist attacks in Manchester and asking for our help with the fundraising. Of course we said yes.




Before I knew it, it was Sunday morning and I was heading to Manchester to be Open’s representative in the stadium. The atmosphere was incredible, very emotional but unbelievably positive. Ariana Grande and her team got the tone of the event spot on. And we worked with the British Red Cross to position the fundraising as an opportunity to give, rather than a direct call to action. By the end of the night we’d helped to raise more than £2 million from over 400,000 people who sent a text.




Thanks to the amazing teams at the British Red Cross and Open, we did in days what usually takes weeks. And we’re incredibly proud to have been part of it.


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