Pause for Celebration!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

We love the Pause product that we developed with Mind. And last night, the judges at the DMA awards gave us a Gold to tell us that they loved it too. As you can see, Liz (from Open) and Ed (from Mind) were there to live joyfully in the moment…

Pause is a wellbeing subscription box that is doing great things to diversify Mind’s product offer and it’s audience. Even better, it’s doing so at breakeven in year one and absolutely crushing it in terms of retention and thus longer term ROI.

It’s a lovely example of how audience insight, inspiration and a good dose of organisational bravery can reap rewards. And we’re very happy that the DMAs – which include the whole of the Direct Marketing industry not just charities – decided to award us a gong to recognise that.

Interestingly, the last DMA award we got was for Scope’s Mindful Monsters which is a similar product, albeit for a very different audience.

This sudden blossoming of charity subscriptions has led to a bit of cynicism in certain quarters and we’d be the first to admit that they don’t all work and just doing a ‘me too’ isn’t a great way to operate.

But when they’re based on solid planning and the audience is right, the results can be amazing.




Sprinting, walking and innovating with WWF 🐼

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

There’s never been more pressure to diversify income in our sector, but last month WWF sprinted ahead of the pack by developing three new virtual events in just one week.

Our ‘sprint week’ brought together a hand-picked team of fundraisers, strategists, project managers and creatives from WWF and Open. Working in one room, as one team, we collaborated in real-time – sharing roles and responsibilities to make sure we hit our own (very) tight deadlines.

And in five short days, we created and executed three ideas, and even managed to launch one – The Big Winter Wander! This virtual event will give families across the UK the chance to turn their traditional Boxing Day walk into a moment of fundraising, fun and reconnecting with nature.The other two events are set to launch early next year, so no spoilers there. But what WWF and our sprint week have proven is that developing new fundraising offers can be an agile, flexible and (very) short process.

If you’d like to know more about sprinting and how we can all test, learn, fail, win and adapt in the fastest possible way, then please do get in touch.

And if you fancy burning off your turkey hangover while protecting our planet, then sign up to The Big Winter Wander. I hear there’s a gorgeous fundraising pack (even if I do say so myself).



Have Ideas, Will Travel

Friday, November 8th, 2019

It’s been quite a couple of weeks here at Open – or rather not here at Open. Because our ideas and our teams have been out an about in force.

First up, there was the launch of Unicef’s War on Disease at Waterloo which was a source of much pride in the studio and across the agency. It’s a killer campaign – the original idea for which (whatever you might have heard) was conceived, created and developed here at Open.

Since then, we’ve worked with Kite Factory and The Community to activate it across a bunch of channels and there were plenty of the team there on the day to see it take flight.

But no sooner has one great Open idea headed out into the world than several more need putting together. So a couple of days later, three separate teams were hard at work in three countries with their friends from three charities.

At home in Shoreditch was team WWF…

Across the Irish Sea in Dublin was team Concern…

And finally, all the way across the Atlantic in NYC was team World Animal Protection.

Aside from the raging flygskam, it’s been a blast…