It’s almost time!

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

A month ago we launched Giving Clarity – a brand-new charity benchmarking tool – and it’s almost time to start digging into the data!

Developed by Open, in collaboration with Allan Freeman (Freestyle Marketing), Giving Clarity will provide new ways for charities to compare themselves to their competition and the market as a whole.

The tool’s intuitive software will allow charities to chop, visualise and compare data on everything from revenue and donor volumes to staffing and consent levels. And it allows ‘apples to apples’ comparisons, so organisations of all sizes can draw meaningful conclusions and maximise their impact.

More than 15 of the UK’s largest charities, including Macmillan, Unicef, Sightsavers, The British Heart Foundation and WWF have already signed up. There is still time for others to join us. All data must be returned by April 28th 2018 – so get touch if you would like to take part.

We know how busy charities are, so we’ve made the process of supplying data as simple as possible. To find out more the full brochure available here.

And, by taking part before the full analysis in May, charities will have access to:

  • A personal report, filled with insight and commentary as well as your organisation’s performance compared to the market.
  • Access to a members-only event, including a ‘state of the market’ presentation to spark debate and drive ideas.
  • Full access to the anonymised database, to cut and compare data using a simple visual interface.

This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to look at how they are performing – and gain unique insights you simply can’t get anywhere else. And your organisation could play a vital role in ensuring we’re all doing everything we can to fight the good fight.

So, to get involved today, please contact Lucy Edwards on 020 7490 9930 / or Allan Freeman at

2018: Resolutions worth sticking to…

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Gosh, January is a long month isn’t it?! Just three weeks into 2018, and the twinkle of Christmas lights and the NYE fizz feels like a distant memory. So how are your NY resolutions going?

We’ve already passed the week that 31% of New Years resolutions will fail, so in an effort to make sure ours stick, we invited Openers to shout loud and proud about their best intentions for 2018.

Take a look, hopefully we can offer a sprinkle of inspiration for the weeks and months ahead!

Self improvement?

We’ve got that covered! 2018 will be the year Openers…

“refresh and improve my Spanish”

“learn Italian”

“learn to play the accordion”

“learn how to make ravioli”

“(Re)learn the guitar”

“get this baby out! (literally)”

Maintaining mindfulness?

Us too! We’ll be…

“working smarter, building a good work/life balance”

“taking things slowly and keeping perspective”

Building the world we want to see.

In 2018, our amazing team will make this world a better place by…

“Giving away or selling more stuff than I buy”

“Volunteering at the food bank round the corner from my house”

“Cutting out dairy. Save the cows!”

“Significantly cutting down on the amount of plastic (but also unnecessary packaging and general waste) I use. Recycling isn’t good enough any more!”

“Building this community”

And finally, here’s what we’ll be doing to bring more great thinking for our clients.

“Seeking inspiration from outside of the sector bubble and bringing it in.”

“Cancelling all my charity direct debits and starting again. Using a mix of emotional and rational decision making processes I’ll reassess all my charitable giving to ensure the amount I give reflects the issues I care about and where I think my money can make a real difference (and so that I can look at whether welcome and stewardship actually does the job!)”

Whatever 2018 brings you and your charity – we hope it will be a great one. And at the end of it all, you can look forward to hearing Open’s first accordion concert at the 2018 Christmas party!


Is this any good?

Monday, January 15th, 2018

We get asked this a lot. And it’s a tough question to answer.

First of all, it quickly leads to more questions. Is it any good compared to what? To your competitors? To other charities your size? To the sector? To similar programmes?

And once you’ve answered those questions, you quickly run up against the fact that the data isn’t there. And where it is, it’s probably not measured in the same way. So you end up comparing an apple to an orange – if you’re lucky.

Hopefully, though, we’re about to change that.

Together with Allan Freeman (Freestyle Marketing), we’ve been working on a new benchmarking service called ‘Giving Clarity’ – and we launched it this week.

It’s been a lengthy process involving extensive discussion with some of the largest UK charities and our key launch partner, the Institute of Fundraising. But now it’s good to go and we’re rather excited.

By collating data on stuff like revenue, staffing and donor volumes (to name but a few), Giving Clarity offers charity staff at all levels a way make an accurate appraisal of their performance, identify issues and compare themselves against the market.

The service also offers a look at qualitative data like strategic direction – and the impact of current events like GDPR.

On top of this – and what sets Giving Clarity apart – is the ability to chop and visualise the data however you want using Tableau Reader software.

There’s a brochure and more information here  but we’re looking to get as many organisations on board as possible right now. And because we know just how busy you are, we’ve made the process of supplying data as simple as humanly possible. We’ll do the analysis in April and participants will then be invited to a conference in May 2018, where key insights will be presented in our first report.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to look at how they – and the sector as a whole – are performing. And to know that we’re doing all we can to fight the good fight. So please be part of this and contact Lucy Edwards on 020 7490 9930 / or Allan Freeman at