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Sore heads at Monster HQ




It’s not often that we get the time to sit down, reflect on a project and really celebrate a job well done. Which is why last night at the DMA Awards felt very special indeed!


Along with Scope, MediaLab and Good Innovation, we took to our seats to see how our very own Mindful Monsters had fared in five different categories.


And we were absolutely over the moon to watch our baby take home FOUR awards:


Best Creative Solution (Gold)

Health & Wellness (Gold)

Best Launch Campaign (Gold)

Charity (Silver)




Needless to say, there are a few sore heads at Monster HQ this morning. But there are also a few teary eyes because this was a real team effort – start to finish – and everyone worked their socks off to make Mindful Monsters a success.


So thank you to the DMAs, thank you to the wonderful Scope, thank you to our brilliant partners, and thank you to every single member of team Monsters!


Alfie x


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