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Meet our new friends Thinky, Giggles, Sparky and Snug…




…also known as the Mindful Monsters.


We’ve teamed up with Scope to create Mindful Monsters – an exciting new product to help families benefit from all the wonders of mindfulness.


For £7.50 a month, parents can get a monthly delivery of fun activity cards to do together as a family. Covering four areas – concentration, positivity, relaxation and creativity – Mindful Monsters can help arm children with the resilience, positive outlook and emotional understanding needed to tackle the trials of day-to-day life. And a regular donation to Scope’s incredibly important work helps provide support and advice to disabled people and their families.


Check it out for yourself here because, let’s face it, we could all do with some more mindfulness (and fun regular giving products) in our lives.


Kim Mc

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