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There’s a funny feeling in the office today. A kind of happy, sad feeling. Part nerves, part excitement.


You see, this afternoon is our eighth annual Sharefest. For those uninitiated, it goes like this…


Every year, each member of staff gets £1,000 to give to charity. We gather round, sit in a circle and talk about who we’ve given it to. We talk about the life-changing work they are doing, and the personal stories behind our choices. There is laughter and friendship and a fair few tears. Hence the feeling: part happy, part sad.


And that’s the nature of what we do in our sector, right? We tell stories that move people. We tell stories to change attitudes. We tell stories to change lives.


Rarely do we get the chance to hear so many inspiring stories in one go. And as we share our stories, and reflect on the wonderful work that happens in our sector, we’re going to give away thousands of pounds. In fact, this afternoon, we’re giving away £60,000 and hopefully, sending a bit more ‘happy’ out into the world.


Join us on twitter @LifeAtOpen to hear where the money goes, and share the positive vibes a little further.






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