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Why? It matters.



Are brands paying more attention to charities these days? And more importantly, why?


It seems that, to meet the needs of increasingly ethically minded consumers, brands are looking within, reconnecting with their purpose. And there are some great campaigns as part of this trend.


We have Kenco’s ‘coffee vs gangs’ campaign. We have ‘Building Society, Nationwide’ a campaign delivered through poetry that cleverly spins their name into something more meaningful – helpful in re-building trust in the financial sector. There are countless more examples.


In the third sector, we need to consider the effect this ‘brand-as-cause’ trend could have on our fundraising. After all, these brands are the competition of the future, with doing good now as easy as shopping for groceries.


But before you despair at the thought of competing with big brands and their bigger budgets, have a watch of the new Pepsi advert. The ad was pulled just hours after launching over complaints it trivialises social justice movements, in particular the Black Lives Matter campaign. I’ll let you make up your own mind on that.


Pepsi may have, in their own words, ‘missed the mark’ on this one, but they’re not alone. In a world where stock cubes are the solution to homelessness, it’s clear that knowing your organisation’s purpose is more important than ever – because making it up won’t wash for a minute.


It’s not about what you do or how you do it – but WHY you exist. And the good news for our sector is, our WHY really matters. It even saves lives. Commercial brands have a way to go before they can compete with that.






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