A furr-bulous day at Open (pun alert!)

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Last Friday, my a-dawg-able colleagues and I donned furry face paint and masks and got silly in support of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s new Wear Your Whiskers day. At Open we spend our days helping others raise money for amazing causes. So when the purr-fect opportunity came up for us get our paws dirty, we leapt at it!

£400 was raised on the day using a Facebook Fundraiser, PSMS and a good old-fashioned collection bucket. We sold meow-th watering cakes, played a game of “Guess the Owner” and auctioned off our Creative Director’s painted face to the highest bidder.

The day also marked the culmination of months of hard-work and collaboration in helping Battersea to launch this new event. In the weeks running up to the event, we’d run a cornicopi-cat (groan) of adorable Facebook adverts, and sent motivating emails to party hosts, showcasing fundraising hints and tips from the Chief Whisker Wearers to make sure that everyone was poised ready to leap at the fundraising opportunity!

And fundraising for Battersea is an extra special treat when you get updates about cats like Captain Pugwash in your inbox – a “wonderfully smoochy and affectionate young lad” looking for his “beloved landlubbers!”.

Thanks to the paw-some team at Battersea for giving us that great Friday feel-ine!



Monsters at the DMAs! 😱

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017



Earlier this year, we got together with Scope and a couple of partners to launch a brand new regular giving product – monthly deliveries of family activity cards, which come with all the brilliant benefits of mindfulness.


We created four fun characters that we hoped kids would love, and named the product Mindful Monsters. And today, we couldn’t be prouder of Thinky, Giggles, Sparky and Snug…


We’re over the moon to announce that Mindful Monsters has been shortlisted for five DMA awards –  Health and Wellness, Charity, Best Launch Campaign, Best Acquisition Campaign and Best Creative Solution.


This was a real team effort, so we’d like to say a huge thank you to Scope and everyone who helped make Mindful Monsters a big hit.


We’ve got our tentacles crossed.


Alfie, Lydia and the Monsters team x


P.S. If you happen to know a tailor willing to make a tuxedo with ten leg holes, please send them our way…




A welcome new conversation #IFC2017

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

IMG_20171019_163218_969 (003)


As the dust (sand, really) settles from IFC 2017, a surge of energy has swept across Open.


Despite our digitally connected world, nothing beats being in the same space as our peers from across the world to share, listen and debate.


The theme was ‘A New Conversation’ and Jeremy Heimans’ opening plenary hit the mark with his progressive thinking about building movements with impact. If you weren’t there you can watch it back here.


We also loved Zack Exley and Kenneth Pennington’s Big Room Session News from the Resistance: Big Organising and Beyond. At their session last year no one would have believed what we’ve since seen in American politics. But in that time we’ve been privileged to work with the ACLU, fighting back, and it was great to see Michelle Ehrhardt (Deputy Director of Membership) up on the stage with them discussing a vision for a post-Trump world. Check out their joint grassroots movement People Power here.


Finally Jo Wolfe teamed up with Paul de Gregorio to run a Masterclass and two workshops about Open and Breast Cancer Care’s experience of using mobile strategically in fundraising. 2017 felt like the right year to converge our conversations about mobile and digital – and as Paul keeps saying…


Mobile is Digital, Digital is Mobile.


There really is no distinction. Drop Paul a note if you’re interested to hear more.