The Giving Spirit

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Life never tugs on our purse strings quite as hard as it does at Christmas. I always feel for my sister at this time of year, with two young girls to buy for, and the pressure of making the festive season magical for them. There’s a feeling that we have to out-do ourselves, to give more than last year, to spoil the ones we love.

So why is it that, even though we have less to spare, we give more to charity at Christmas than at any other time of year?

Perhaps it is the giving spirit all around us. Perhaps it is habit. Or perhaps it is the guilt that comes with enjoying a little booze-soaked, deep-filled, butter-basted luxury. There’s relief in knowing that, even if your aunt doesn’t have use for £14 worth of hand cream, some of the gifts we give won’t just be wanted – they’ll be needed.

And of course, in these troubling times, so much is needed.

So I am going to make my New Year’s resolution early. I am going to try to give more – not just at Christmas, but when I’m asked. When it’s needed. In those moments when I feel so overwhelmingly lucky to live the life I do, I will endeavour to share my good fortune with others.

And I invite you to join me. Let’s keep saying ‘yes’ when we’re asked – be it for money, time or even old clothes. Let’s keep the giving spirit going in 2016. I have a feeling the world is going to need it.


One in a million

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015


A million older people will spend Christmas alone.


Yes, you read that right – a million. A one and six zeros. It’s a shocking number and one that stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it.


When Age UK briefed us with a Christmas TV advert for their brilliant ‘No one should have no one’ campaign, we knew our response had to hinge around this one enormous number.


With the help of production agency Middlechild, we made an ad which tells the story of an older lady facing Christmas alone, before stating that she is just one among a million.


And then, through Age UK’s brand media agency Manning Gottlieb, our ad was shown to June and Leon, stars of Channel 4’s Gogglebox. The pair created a special ‘advert within an advert’ where they watched and discussed our ad, to raise even more money for Age UK. And what touched them most?


You guessed it… that number.






Introducing our newest client…

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Santa and Unicef


We’re delighted to announce our newest partnership – with Santa Claus.


Working with the elves at Unicef and Manifesto, we’ve created a magical new stocking filler to delight children across the country – and around the world.


We’re hoping that on Christmas morning, thousands of children will wake up to a letter from Santa asking them to visit his incredible online workshop and choose a life-changing Unicef gift to send to a less-fortunate child.


It’s the best stocking filler you’ll ever buy. So point your browser here right now and help make Christmas even more magical.