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Speed matters…



In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan we tested asking people who had made a text donation to the DEC to give £3 a month on their mobile phone – to help communities rebuild.


The gift was limited to 6 months, which is how long a DEC appeal typically lasts. And the deal was that if you gave, we’d send you messages every month using our Mobilise platform that showed you the impact on peoples lives.


It worked beautifully.


We got a great initial response rate, low STOPs and SKIPs and at the end of the 6 months we did as we said we would and stopped the Mobilise donation.


As you know the DEC has just launched their Gaza appeal. Thousands of people have responded to help the civilian population of Gaza with the very basics needed to survive. And we’ve repeated what we did in the aftermath of the Haiyan disaster.


This time we were more organised and we got it out quicker. And we’ve got double the response rate we got in our first test.


Of course, there are lots of other factors at play. But it would appear that speed matters.



Paul de Gregorio

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