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The greatest (fundraising) story ever told


Yesterday was the 2nd ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That’, an event we help SOFII organise to showcase inspirational fundraising.


In front of a packed room with over 300 eager listeners, 20 fundraising professionals each shared an idea they felt changed the face of the industry.


Adrian Salmon took us back in time with David Oglivy’s ‘letter on a train’. Paul de Gregorio told how he was inspired by the 6 million women who have taken action against cancer by participating in Race for Life. Karin Weatherup caused more than a few tears in the room talking about Facing the World.


But for me, Lauren Semple’s story about the tragic death of her new-born baby and subsequently receiving a teddy bear from Aching Arms was simply incredible, and the other attendees obviously shared this view as they voted it the best fundraising idea of the afternoon in a mobile text vote we organised.


It was amazing to see so many talented people together to share and celebrate great fundraising stories, with many more watching from around the world on a live Facebook broadcast.



All the ideas shared will soon be available on the SOFII site, where of course there are hundreds more case studies to learn from and be inspired by. It’s events like yesterday that show just how valuable a resource SOFII is to the fundraising sector, and we’re proud to be supporting them.


Thanks to everyone who made it such a fantastic experience, and roll on next year.



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