The ultimate in personalisation, or a step too far?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012



I was going to write something today about Plan UK’s latest ‘Because I am a girl’ ad on Oxford Street. But I appear to be a little slow as EVERYONE has already written about it.


I will, however, rob three of the Independent’s ‘what’s next in interactive advertising’ ideas/predictions. Because they all seem a little more useful…


Mirror images The use of digital cameras within advertisements to overlay products on top of real images. So, for example, a shopper could look at an advert and see a picture of the hat she is thinking of buying as it would look on her own head.


Buy-as-you-browse Touch-screen adverts could enable you to book a table at your local restaurant via the ad hoarding while, for example, waiting at your underground station or bus stop.


Age-appropriate ads As facial-recognition technology becomes more sophisticated, retailers will be able to work out what age bracket you belong to and direct age-specific commercials your way.


You can read what everyone else is saying here: BBC News, Civil Society, Independent, (whatever that is).



Wakey wakey!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

February’s a pretty lousy month – what with snow, rain and those cold, dark mornings that make it impossible to get out of bed. So if only we could download Snooze!

This clever alarm clock app from the States forces sleepyheads to donate $0.25 to charity every time they hit the snooze button – a great way of integrating micro-donations into everyday life. Not to mention the best excuse ever for a few more minutes of shuteye…