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Let’s talk about text, baby


Recently we’ve been working with Action for Children on their SMS based Big Egg Hunt . Over 200 eggs have been planted around London for hunters to collect by text and each has unique longitude and latitude coordinates.


The eggs were marked on Google Maps and colour coded according to number of times they were collected. And we were able to use this data visualisation to develop two new fundraising strategies…



1) We deployed street fundraisers near the most popular eggs over the weekend of 10th March, which boosted sign-up on these eggs by 1.8 times against control eggs.


2) The following weekend we sent an SMS asking every player to help us promote the egg hunt. We received 254 positive responses, 40% of them within 30 minutes – proving that no other media can compete with SMS on open rates or response times. Unfortunately it rained (a lot), but the volunteers still managed to boost response by 50%.


What have we learnt? Google maps is a very nifty way of visualising data and SMS communications will become ever more important in the future as people get even more attached to their phones.


Paul Smith

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