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Getting angry with the RSPCA


Our first campaign for the RSPCA starts in earnest today.


We’ve been working on it for a few months and we’re all rather proud of it.


We spent some time with their prosecutions and legal teams who told us about some of the cases of abuse and cruelty they deal with on a daily basis. And those stories made us feel really angry. So based on one of the stories we were told we made the above ad.


And because every abused animal the RSPCA rescues has to be fed we’re also testing an approach based on hunger.




Hopefully you will see one of the ads on your train and be moved to respond. They are being supported in press, online and with street teams.


Everyone who gives will be asked to share the fact with their social network so that their friends can see just how easy it is to help.


And the thing that we are most proud of is the Facebook donate page that we created to support the campaign. Enter your mobile number, your name (if you like), select an amount and hit send. Simple. Take a look.


Paul de Gregorio



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