Thank you, Ma’am

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

We have it on no authority whatsoever that Her Majesty, like tens of thousands of others, was very struck by our Christian Aid Nets Now ad and used her royal iPhone to donate.


Watch out for a share on her facebook page any minute now…



Heartbreaking photography

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


Last week I trudged through the fresh lorry-churned mud to reach the open clearing in the middle of Black Park, the beautiful overspill film set for Pinewood Studios in South Bucks. Usually so familiar, this time I barely recognised a single tree. Two dark grey cranes loomed, inactive high above the canopy, a man-made copse had emerged in the centre and wire fencing told me where I couldn’t walk. I’d walked unknowingly onto the set of the new Hollywood blockbuster, Snow White and the Huntsmen.


With the fog machines wafting fake eeriness through the famous pine trees, glaring flood lights highlighting every beam and the crowds of crew milling around dozens of catering tents waiting for the next scene, the carbon footprint of this film, like so many, won’t be small. Not to mention the size of Kristen Stewart’s trailer.


‘AMAZON’, a photography exhibition at Somerset House, in aid of Sky and WWF‘s Rainforest Rescue, is showcasing two very different sets of images to show the reality of the plight of the rainforest against the landscape as it should be.


The campaign is now inviting budding photographers to send in shots that interpret ‘Your own Amazon’.


Snapped on my trusty iphone, these pics depict mine, and a personal, if cynical reflection on nature in its most pristine state. Exploited and underappreciated, on a much, much smaller scale.



To enter follow @SkyBiggerPic on Twitter and Tweet your entry using the hashtag  #SkyRainforest. All of the images will be collated on the Sky Rainforest Rescue Facebook page and the winners will be picked on the November 22 2011.


The exhibition runs until December 4.




An Ad Backwards

Monday, November 14th, 2011


I saw Barnardos’ new TV ad for the first time this weekend. Someone’s been reading Stuart: A Life Backwards, eh?


To be fair, it’s a great ad – you’d usually think a happy ending would detract from the ‘need’, but telling the story in this back-to-front fashion allows the two to sit side-by-side really effectively. Lovely tagline too.