Bear with us

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It’s been a long time since our last post. And if things go on like this, it may be a while before the next one. So to bring you up to speed, since Tim’s slightly idiosyncratic job ad all those weeks ago…

1. We’ve offered one of the smartest fundraisers we’ve ever met a job . He said yes and starts in April.
2. We’ve hired a brilliant project manager called Rebecca. She prefers to be called Wiggy.
3. We’ve lost the Centrepoint Room Sponsor pitch to The Good Agency.
4. We’ve both been ill. Fortunately not concurrently.
5. We’ve been using an Art Director called Sandy. She worked at Apple in California and does stuff for Howies. We are in awe.
6. We’ve had a nice article written about us by our friends at Harvest.
7. We’ve completed seven appeals with the help of our wonderful freelance team.
8. We’ve worked ourselves silly and had a great time.

We’ve also, as you can see, dressed our children in polar bear suits. More on how this relates to a rather brilliant project will follow at a later date.

Thanks for watching.

Open is recruiting…

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

It’s been a crazy couple of months but things seem to be working really well and it’s now time we expand.

There are a number of positions that we need to fill so, in no particular order, we’re looking for…
A data analyst proficient in Access, SQL and with a proven record of building propensity models using both on- and off-line data sources. It would be good if you have experience tracking and modeling affiliate and third-party traffic. Not to worry if not.
Experienced fundraisers who feel completely confident developing and managing complicated integrated campaigns. We really need you to have a good sense of how to get the most out of the wonderful web. Ideally you’ll have cracked how to recruit new donors, cost effectively at volume, on-line. This will save us an awful lot of time working out how to do it!
A graduate first jobber. Someone who wants to join a new company that is absolutely committed to developing campaigns which will change peoples lives and make the world a better place. You’ll need to be a fast learner, want to get involved in every part of the business, have a real ‘can do’ attitude and be what my mum would call ’emotionally intelligent’.
We are also looking for an account manager to start right away. Today would be great. You’ll get to work on a brand new on-line venture, which will bring beneficiaries and donors together, as well as a mass participation campaign for a leading national charity. This is a three-month contract.
Full job descriptions are available. Just send me an email – – and I’ll get right back in touch.
Competitive package, exciting company, lovely people…
Just one rule. No passive aggression. 

To all you web 2 type people…

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009


Please, please, please tell me how on earth you find time to live on planet web. The anxiety that built up within my sensitive soul this Christmas almost sent me over the edge.
When would I find the time to update my Facebook status? And what of any interest would I have to say? Don’t even get me started on this bloody blog.
So desperate was I to share my ‘oh so exciting life’ that I even attempted to climb the Great Orme. Wouldn’t that be the best?
“Tim is on top of the world’ or more accurately “Tim is carrying three furious kids home”. No reception. Damn.
Eventually, at long last I found a few spare minutes. Very, very surreptitiously I sneaked my phone out of my pocket, sitting in the car, with Nicki speeding down the M1, and the millionth Peppa Pig episode on loop in the back, I loaded up Facebook. Now was my time.
But then it happened. My mind went blank. I got world-wide stage fright. I HAD NOTHING TO SAY.
I turned to Nicki, looked at the speedometer and then inspiration hit me. Hallelujah “Tim is going fast”.
Happy New Year all you crazy web 2 type people.